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Admin office:
Tel:    (02)8822-1234
Tel:    (02)8892-0550
mobile: 0917-895-7582
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Security Office:
Tel:   (02)8818-8871
Tel:   (02)8818-8872
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  • Desk Officer:     mobile: 0917-867-7784
  • Delivery/Request: mobile: 096-619-03631 / 0969-213-3817
Office Schedule:
Monday to Friday: 9AM to 5PM (09:00 to 17:00)
Saturday: 9AM to 1PM (09:00 to 13:00)


Date: December 17, 2021

This Circular is intended to provide you with information about an incident that occurred near the Amorsolo/Pasay Road Gate of the Village (Gate #4) yesterday (December 16, 2021) where the San Lorenzo Village Association (SLVA) security personnel deployed at the said gate discovered a "sinkhole" that appeared at the corner of Amorsolo St. and Amaiz Ave. (Pasay Road) sometime in the early afternoon. Due to this, the area was cordoned off by the personnel of SLVA and Barangay San Lorenzo (BSL). SLVA, BSL, the City Engineer's Office of Makati City and Manila Water are now working closely together to assess the damage and mitigate the widening of the "sinkhole" and the sinking of portions of Amorsolo St. near Arnaiz Ave. (Pasay Road).

In light of this, SLVA has decided to CLOSE the Amorsolo/Pasay Road Gate of the Village (Gate #4) to cars and other 4 (or more)-wheeled vehicles. Half of the gate will remain open to motorcycles and the pedestrian gate will remain open to pedestrians until we are advised to do otherwise by the City Engineer's Office of Makati City.

Beginning today (December 17. 2021) until further notice, the Sabio Gate (Gate #5) and the Amorsolo/EDSA Gate (Gate #6) of the Village will be open for deliveries of construction materials and other deliveries using trucks (or large "closed vans"). Both sides of the Edades/Pasay Road Gate of the Village (Gate #3) will be open.

The Sabio Gate (Gate #5) will be open longer, from 6 am up to 9 pm DAILY, while the Amorsolo/EDSA Gate (Gate #6) will retain its usual operating hours for vehicles from 6am to 6pm ONLY from Monday to Saturday. We do hope for your understanding and cooperation on this matter.

Should you have any questions/queries, you may call the SLVA Admin Office at (02) 8822 - 1234 or the Security Office at (02) 8817 — 8871/72.

Thank you and Keep Safe!



We would like to inform you that effective Monday, September 20, 2021, El Tigre Security and investigation Agency (“EI Tigre”) will be replaced by Agility Security Guard Expert “Agility”.

The contract between Barangay San Lorenzo ("BSL") and Bl Tigre ended last December 3%, 2020 and due to the pandemic, BSL extended EL Tigre's contract until the former was able to conduct a public bidding for parties interested to fulfill the security agency contract of BSL and administered by the San Lorenzo Village Association (“SLVA”). The winning bid came from Agility and the agency has a signed a contract with BSL and a Notice to Proceed was issued by BSL for Agility to start his September 20, 2021.

You may have noticed “double-duty” of guards at certain posts last Saturday and Sunday (18 and 19 September 2021) inasmuch as the Board of Governors and the Barangay Council deemed it best to have El Tigre orient the guards of Agility with the established protocols and procedures of the Village and BSL. Kindly expect guards doing “double duty” until the turn-over and transition process is completed.

While SLVA, BSL, EL Tigre and Agility have al worked hard to ensure a smooth turn-over and transition, SLVA expects some “hiccups" during this period and we hope for your patience, consideration and most importantly, your codperation during this period.

Shouid you have any concerns, you may contact the SLVA Administration Office at (02) 8822-1234 8 (02) 8892-0550 or the SLVA Security Office at (02) 8817-8871/72.

Thank you very much for your attention and please continue to stay safe.

The Board of Governors

August 6, 2021

Brief Report on Recent incidents at San Lorenzo Village.

The following information, culled from the investigations and findings completed by our village security group, was earlier presented with the BSL Peace & Order committee that convened via Zoom last Monday, July 25, 2021, with representatives from BSL [Kap Ernie Moya, Kag Caloy Sario, Atty John Flaminiano, SLVA [Govs Vic Austria & Chuh Hernandez, SST OICs Jermie Magcalas [gray guard] & Elmer Montes [CAT Security], and PNP [Precint 5 Commander Jay-r Fajardo.} Note: Also included in this report is the San Lorenzo Dr. property incident that occurred on August 1, 2021.

For privacy, names, exact addresses and other security risk-sensitive details are not provided. The report will also show that the recent incidents are not connected and not perpetrated by the same individual[s] or by an organized group inside the village, with the exception of the Melantic incidents where 2 properties were victimized by one individual on the same night.

Juan Luna property incident. The owner reported an intrusion sometime during early hours [around 2 am] and the property owner suspects the culprit possibly came from an adjacent commercial unit undergoing work and located at the rear of the house. Subsequent investigation failed to determine the exact point of breach; per the commercial unit’s own security personnel, there are no stay-in workers allowed in the unit after work hours. Further, our village security did not detect anything unusual on the dividing perimeter wall and fence [including any trace of palm/footprints, etc.] Reported loss: approx. P40, some in loose change; P20 placed on a table outside of the front door and another P20 left on the kitchen table near the rear door.

Melantic properties incidents. Residents of two neighboring residences reported thefts that occurred on the same night [around 2:30 am]. There were no signs of forced entry on both houses [forced entry as in shimmied or broken locks, pried hinges, doors or the like]:
  1. In one property, a sliding door on the ground floor was possibly used as the point of entry. Reported loss: cash taken from a wallet on the ground floor.
  2. In the other property, investigators suspect a window left opened by the occupant on the 2" floor bedroom was the entry point used by the culprit. The owner stated the bedroom’s A/C unit was inoperable at the time and the window was left open for ventilation. Reported loss: cash and cell phone taken from a bag in the bedroom. [No sign of intrusion in other rooms.] To get into said 2"° floor open window, investigators suspect the intruder likely used the perimeter fence and the skirt roofing of an adjacent unoccupied house.
CCTV footage from one of the victimized properties captured an image of a possible suspect. Same CCTV footage, later released to one of the village’s Viber groups, failed to get any feedback. The person caught in the footage remains a person of interest and our village Security plans to re-release CCTV footage to other social media groups in the village. Hopefully, someone will recognize or have something to say with said unidentified and report with village Security.

Ponce property incident. This attempted theft occurred during daylight, between 2pm-4pm. Information gathered from the ensuing investigation points to a member of the household helper crew as the likely culprit; employer has since terminated the services of the suspected house helper who has also been banned in the village. There are no declared Josses.

San Lorenzo Drive property incident. Around 1:20 am, a female house guest sent a text message to the head of household who was out of town at the time, of hearing noises on the roof and upon opening her window, detected an unidentified individual on the roof of the house, and two more unidentified persons inside the property grounds. The text message was read by the head of household only the following morning and only thereafter was the incident reported to the village security office.

Subsequent investigation made by representatives from village security together with the head of household could not determine how the reported unidentified individual got on the roof; also, no marks on the ground were detected by the investigators for the other 2 unidentified persons. At the time when the unidentified individuals were supposedly detected, some ground floor windows were left open [by house occupants] and could have provided easy access into the house; however, there were no signs that any of the detected unidentified individuals had entered the house.

it was also noted that security was not contacted of the unusual activity in real time [i. e. when the supposed intruders and suspicious individuals were detected.] The head of household reported the incident only with Security a day after the incident occurred. No loss was reported. BSL Peace and Order Committee. The BSL Peace and Order Committee plans to reconvene soon as it continues to gather ideas including recommendations from village residents concerned with overall village security.

To date, the committee has implemented additional roving patrols within the village involving SLVA, BSL & PNP personnel. The committee is also looking at installing more lights and CCTVs in identifiable vulnerable areas around the village and perimeter walls [EDSA and Amorsolo].

Furthermore, the committee has asked SLVA to revisit its construction guidelines more specifically those affecting stay-in workers and work site security. Expect future update circulars.

For now, the committee advises property owners and village residents of certain measures, some simple and immediately doable, on how to improve home security:
  1. Post SLVA Security, BSL Tanod, PNP, BFP, and other emergency numbers at your home [and/or preset numbers to cell phones] so any emergency call could be made quickly when necessary.
  2. Report any observed or detected unusual activity immediately with village Security and/or Barangay Emergency Office. Both are open and manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    Phone numbers:

    Barangay Office:
  3. inspect one’s property perimeter daily to make sure gates, doors, windows, locks and latches, etc. are in good condition and securely closed whenever the affected area is left unattended. Do the same in the evening before everyone retires at night. Leaving certain lights on in the evening, outdoor and/or indoor, might also help. Consider using timers with certain light fixtures [plugged-on type] to control on & off hours. Note: Where doors or windows need to be left open, consider installation of security screens and/or bars [with tamper-proof lock mechanisms.] This has a downside... requires training and practice with members of the household in case of an emergency situation that requires quick exit.
  4. keep personal valuables, jewelries, wallets & bags away from view and in easy reach from open doors and windows.
  5. use carports and driveways to park vehicles; do not leave valuables in your car; keep vehicles locked whenever unattended.
  6. consider installing security enhancements for your home:
    1. Use deadbolt-type door locks that are more difficult to pry from the outside.
    2. Install outdoor motion-detector light. This light will automatically activate at night time and the light will turn on when the device’s sensor detects movement. Range, direction, sensitivity and duration could be adjusted as desired. Some types are solar-powered.
    3. Install wireless security cameras. Easy to install, indoors and/or outdoors, and could be connected to your home wi-fi so you can monitor your home remotely in real-time via your smartphone anywhere; cameras with additional recording equipment will cost more.
    4. Install security alarm based on home set up, lay out, and occupancy.
  7. Remind household members regularly of threats from dugo-dugo, budol-budol or similar scam activities.
  8. Prevent the spread of fake news and harmful postings from social media. Do not entertain, respond to and/or forward unconfirmed reports.
San Lorenzo remains a safe and peaceful community and we thank villagers for remaining calm and vigilant.

Ernie Moya Gov. Vic Austria
Barangay Chairman SLVA Governor, SLVA Security

August 2, 2021
Re: Security Update

Dear Neighbors,

A few of our fellow neighbors have been victims of attempted break-ins or break-in the past few weeks.

Your Board of Governors have been in constant communication and coordination with the Barangay Council and the Makati City Police regarding these incidents. The incidents are still being actively investigated jointly by SLVA, the BSL and the PNP.

Rest assured that all of us have Implemented further security measures in and around the Village, and are exerting all efforts to put a stop to these incidents.

We appreciate you cooperation and again wish to remind you to be vigilant about maintaining the security of your residences.

Should you need security assistance, you may contact the following numbers:

SLVA Security:
Emergency Hotline: 8423-9999
Ambulance: 8781-6586

July 19, 2021
Dear Residents,

Over the weekend there were three robberies reported in different streets in the village. Preliminary investigation was conducted by CIDG. They will give a full report once they have captured the footages from the neighbors’ CCTV.

We would like to remind everyone again to be vigilant about securing the entrances to your homes -— gates, windows and doors at all times. Turning on extra lights outside the house is also suggested.

Access to the Village will be maintained as follows:
  • San Lorenzo Drive Gate 24 hours
  • Amorsolo Gate 6:00 am to 9:00 pm
  • Edades Gate 6:00 amto 9:00pm
  • Ponce Gate 6:00am to 9:00 pm


All deliveries, including Food Panda, Grab, Lalamove, LBC, etc. will only be allowed entry/ exit through the Main Gate for a more coordinated registration and monitoring process. All deliveries will have to be verified with the resident concerned unless there is prior instruction.

Emergency contact numbers: 8817-8871, 8817-8872, (mobile) 0917-867-7784

SLVA wishes to remind everyone that our SAFETY and SECURITY are DEPENDENT on our own COLLECTIVE VIGILANCE, COOPERATION and COMMON SENSE.

Thank you for your cooperation.



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