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SLVA Parking Reminders

At San Lorenzo Village, it is a fact that we have too many vehicles parked on the streets. Again, we ask residents to use their vacant driveways and carports to park their vehicles whenever possible, and remind all that SLVA roads cannot be used as the primary area of parking by residents and lot owners.

We also remind SLVA’s standing rules that streets should not be used to park inoperative vehicles AND/OR do major repairs or commercial vehicles, in each case even with a SLVA sticker. Parked vehicles (golf cart, jet ski, e-trike and rescue boat) and blocking the neighbor's driveway or gate is subject to clamping or immediate towing at the vehicle owner's expense.

Only vehicles with “GREEN” car stickers will be allowed to parked on the streets overnight. If you have guest car with no SLVA Car Sticker that will be staying for the night or two, have your guest park on your carport or driveway.

Thank you for your support, cooperation and compliance.


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